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Client : Homeowners in Scottsdale, AZ
Info : Quartz countertops repaired and refinished

Unsightly Specks in Quartz Top

Quartz, or engineered stone countertops, are comprised of a polymeric or cement-based binding material and crushed stone and stone-like materials. Scottsdale homeowners loved the look and feel of their quartz tops with one exception—the little metallic flecks of color manufacturers added, intending to create variety, were actually detracting from the uniform appearance of the countertop.

Custom Quartz Countertop Repair

We examined the countertops closely with the homeowners to identify and mark each unwanted fleck of color. Our skilled technicians used very precise tools to meticulously remove the flecks, leaving just enough space to hold the custom-tinted filler material but not so much space that the repairs would be obvious. Once all of the spaces were filled and dry, we honed and polished to remove any excess material and restore the glass-like finish.

The homeowners were happy that we were able to give the countertops the look they wanted.

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