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Client : Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Neolith countertop chip repaired

Chipped Neolith Countertop

Homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona contacted us for countertop chip repair services after a mishap resulted in a chip to their Neolith countertop.

About Neolith

Neolith is a surface “manufactured by putting the raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz, under extremely high heat and pressure to create a nearly indestructible material that can be used for countertops.” The reason the manufacturer includes the words “nearly indestructible” in their product description is that Neolith is not impervious. Chips do not happen easily, but when they do, they can usually be repaired by a skilled stone restoration contractor.

Neolith Countertop Precision Chip Repair

First, we used a high-quality, professional adhesive to reset the small piece of Neolith that had come loose from the countertop. Our adhesive created a bond that is actually stronger than the original countertop material. Next, we color-matched and filled in the little spaces surrounding the chip. We used a straight razor to remove excess material and then allowed it to cure. Our final step was to hone and polish the repair site so that it blended nicely with the existing finish. This last step might sound like a simple task, but it actually required several steps.

The homeowners were amazed at how difficult it was to spot the previously damaged area.

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