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Client : Homeowners in Scottsdale
Info : Concrete demolition and paver installation

Boring Concrete Entrance

The plain concrete walkway and front porch area of this beautiful Scottsdale home was drab and uninviting. The homeowners wanted to install a surface that would not require very much maintenance, concrete pavers.

Paver Installation

Proper installation of pavers can be more complicated than people realize. There are plenty of considerations that can affect the longevity of an installation, from exposure to the elements to settling of the foundation to drainage and runoff.

First, we removed the portion of concrete between the driveway and the porch slab, to ensure a smooth transition and prepared the base for the installation process. Our technicians used a level to check after each paver was placed to ensure there would be no problems with uneven pavers, which can be a trip and fall hazard. We installed paver edging to keep everything in place. Lastly, we cleaned and inspected the paver installation.

The homeowners, who were out of town when we did the job, came home to an entryway dramatically better than the one they left behind. They absolutely loved their new pavers, a welcoming focal point for the home.

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