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Client : Commercial client in Surprise, AZ
Info : Granite vanity refinishing

Unsightly Granite Vanities

An employee at a bowling alley in Surprise, Arizona accidentally used the wrong kind of cleaning solution, causing some pretty significant etch damage to the surface of the granite bathroom vanities. Fortunately, one of the convenient advantages of real natural stone is that it rarely has to be replaced. A reputable stone restoration contractor can restore it to like new for a fraction of the cost of replacement. The manager of this bowling alley contacted us for a free estimate and then scheduled services right away in an effort to maintain the clean, professional image of the establishment.

Our Granite Refinishing Process

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, and it can be difficult to refinish without the proper tools and training. Beyond Stone Solutions specializes in granite restoration. Our highly trained technicians understand the unique properties of this stone and are generously equipped with the best tools and solutions for restoring granite to a like-new condition.

First, we honed the granite to remove surface damage and to expose a fresh, new layer of stone. Then, we used a series of progressively finer grit diamond-infused pads to achieve a beautiful, reflective polish. The end result was granite countertops that looked as good as the day they were installed.

The bowling alley manager was very pleased with the outcome and relieved that the granite vanity tops would not need to be replaced.

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