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Client : Homeowners in Scottsdale, AZ
Info : Flagstone media blasted and enhancing sealer applied

Topical Coating Masks Beauty of Flagstone

Scottsdale, Arizona homeowners contacted us because the flagstone in their entryway, pool and patio area, and fire feature seating area looked chalky, dull, and dirty. In some places the topical coating was flaking off. In other areas, the coating was acting like a dirt magnet, attracting and trapping contaminants.

We provided a free evaluation and estimate and explained what our plan of action should be, given their particular situation. The homeowners were not surprised when we told them that topical coatings are not the best choice for sealing flagstone that is constantly exposed to the harsh Arizona sun. They were confident that Beyond Stone Solutions could resolve their problem, and they scheduled services with us.

Exterior Flagstone Media Blasting and Color-Enhancing Sealing

First, we used a very fine grit blasting media to fully remove the old coating. Although this technique may sound aggressive, we are able to completely control the process and prevent any damage to the stone under the coating. Then, we thoroughly cleaned the flagstone and applied several coats of a high-quality professional sealer called Intensifia. Unlike topical coatings, this product allows the stone to breathe. The result is enhanced color, protection against oils and water, and superior stain protection that will not ever flake off or diminish the appearance of the stone.

The homeowners were relieved that the results we achieved will last for years to come.


Dry Treat Stone Sealers

About Dry Treat

Most sealers and enhancers used on exterior surfaces in Arizona will break down and fade within a couple of years. The reason we prefer using Dry Treat sealers on exterior surfaces is that it can be expected to last much longer before another application is needed (although it is still recommended to be professionally deep cleaned every one to two years). There are some Dry Treat sealers that come with five, fifteen, or twenty-five year written warranties against the absorption of water and oil, but only if the sealer is applied by a Dry Treat accredited applicator and a regular cleaning schedule is maintained. Beyond Stone Solutions is a Dry Treat accredited applicator, and we will be happy to provide proof of treatment for your records, as well as answer any questions you may have about Dry Treat sealers and products.

To learn more about our flagstone media blasting, cleaning, enhancing, and sealing services, visit our Flagstone Repair and Maintenance Services page.

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