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Client : Homeowner in Chandler, AZ
Info : Ceramic tile removed, new ceramic tile installed

Dark Grout Lines

The kitchen and dining area floor in this beautiful Chandler home was in pretty good condition considering it was over a decade old. The homeowners were pleased with how the ceramic tile was impervious to moisture, stood up to stains, and was easy to keep clean. Their only complaints were that the grout lines held on to odor and seemed to get darker with time and the style of the tile had become dated. They called Beyond Stone Solutions for a FREE consultation and estimate.

We explained that our tile and grout deep cleaning services could restore their tile to a like-new condition and remove deeply embedded contaminants from the grout lines, and with color sealing, they wouldn’t need to worry about odor or darkening of the grout lines. However, the homeowners decided to have us remove the existing tile and install more modern-looking tile. They liked the idea of having their new grout lines color sealed.

Grout Color Sealing

First, we masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area. As you can see in the images, we are very thorough and particular about preparing for jobs before actually beginning any work. While we carefully removed the old tile and grout, we noticed a hairline crack in the concrete slab. We applied an anti fracture membrane before we began the installation process.

Our technicians made precision cuts using a wet saw, and when necessary, a hand tool. They used a level to check after each tile was placed to ensure there would be no problems with lippage (uneven tiles). We allowed the tile to set overnight, and then we filled in the grout lines.

After the grout lines dried, we completely cleaned the floor of any haze and residue left from the grout and applied color sealer to the grout lines. Not only did color sealing make the grout lines stain resistant, but it filled in the microscopic holes where odor-causing contaminants inevitably settle. The homeowners would no longer need to deal with grout odors or darkening of their grout lines.

We did a final walk through with the homeowners. They absolutely loved their new floors.

To learn more about tile and grout cleaning and grout color sealing, a very cost-efficient alternative to replacement, visit this page.

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