Cantera and Tile Fountain Restored

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Client : Homeowners in Scottsdale
Info : Fountain blasting, cleaning, and sealing

Calcium Buildup on Cantera and Tile Fountain

Fountains can be prized focal points in an outdoor area, but when scale or mineral deposits develop, they become an eyesore. Constantly running calcium-rich water resulted in the discoloration of this fountain in the exterior living space of this Scottsdale home. Cleaning cantera or tile with calcium buildup can be difficult. It is best to rely on a professional stone and tile restoration contractor equipped with the proper tools and innovative cleaning techniques to remove the buildup without causing damage to the surface of the fountain.

Our Fountain Restoration Process

Our dustless media blasting process is very effective and precise and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. Our highly trained technicians were able to remove the calcium build up and completely restore the beautiful appearance of the fountain. We cleaned the grout lines and tiles along the bottom of the small pool area. Once everything was dry, we sealed the cantera and the porous grout lines.

Our clients were extremely satisfied with the results of our services.

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