Exterior Cantera and Marble Cleaned

Dirty Exterior Stone

Est Est Interior Design gave us a call because the appearance of their exterior canterra and marble stone entrance to their impressive Phoenix, Arizona showroom had become diminished due to exposure to the elements and embedded dirt and grime.

Exterior Stone Cleaning and Sealing

First, we applied a highly effective cleaning solution to the stone to loosen the embedded contaminants. Then, we mounted our floor machine with brushes specially designed to safely and effectively deep clean natural stone and soft-scrubbed the canterra and marble. After we thoroughly rinsed and extracted the contaminants, we allowed the stone to dry. Finally, we sealed with regular impregnating sealer. The owner of the company sent us an enthusiastic voicemail regarding how much he loved our work.

As one of the top interior design companies in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1959, Est Est has produced award winning interior design for worldwide projects. We are honored to have helped them continue making a positive first impression on their Scottsdale customers.

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