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Granite Sink and Countertop Damage

Homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona, turned to Beyond Stone Solutions for expert broken granite repair services after some pretty severe damage occurred to their sink and the portion of the countertop in front of the faucet. Although granite is renowned for its durability, damage can still happen, especially in an area that lacks proper support. The countertop had a hefty chunk missing.

Granite Countertop Repair and Refinishing

Fortunately, the pieces of stone that had broken off of the countertop were in tact. We reattached the stone using structural grade epoxy. One might imagine that such a repair would leave the stone vulnerable to future damage, but this is not the case. With this product, the molecular structure of the repaired area actually becomes stronger than the original stone.

We honed and polished the granite so that the finish of the repaired area matched the rest of the countertop.

Our finishing touch was to seal and buff the stone.

The homeowners had to inspect the stone very closely to see any trace of damage. They were very happy with the way it turned out.

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