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Client : Clients in Glendale
Info : Headstone restored

Calcium Buildup on Headstone

Clients in Glendale, Arizona contacted us because the engravings on their loved one’s headstone were obscured by a buildup of salts and calcium deposits. The surrounding polished surface had also become diminished with exposure to the elements. They looked for a contractor who specializes in stone restoration rather than a cleaning service, because they were worried that the headstone would be damaged even further with improper cleaning methods. We assured them that as natural stone restoration experts, we could provide the results they wanted.

Our Engraved Granite Restoration Process

First, we carefully scraped the larger chunks of residue from the surface of the granite. Then, we used safe, yet effective mildly abrasive cleaning methods, professional strength acid-based cleaners, and neutralizers to remove the rest of the buildup. It was painstaking and meticulous work, but the results were outstanding.

Our clients were very appreciative of the care we took to prevent damage and restore the headstone.

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