Tempe, AZ Beyond Stone Solutions, a surface care and restoration company servicing the greater Phoenix metro area that specializes in natural stone cleaning, repair and refinishing as well as sealing and protecting, has announced that they have earned the designation as a DRY-TREAT Accredited Applicator company.

Dry-Treat™ develops world leading impregnating sealers & enhancers for natural stone, grout and masonry. Written 5, 15, 25 and 30-year performance warranties are available when impregnating sealers are applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.

“There are many sealers available on the market today, many good ones, in fact, but in our experience, none come close to the effectiveness of DRY TREAT™,” reports Dan Brewer, President of Beyond Stone Solutions, on why they chose to become an accredited applicator company. “We feel confident assuring our customers that their natural stone surfaces, pavers, Saltillo and more are well protected. DRY TREAT offers a warranty that is unmatched in the industry. We have literally poured olive oil on a treated surface and watched it just bead up. We left it overnight and then wiped it away. There was no absorption into the stone!”

DRY TREAT™ sealers are unique in that the special penetrating sealer molecules are hundreds of times smaller than competitor stone sealers and penetrate much deeper into the pore structure, even dense natural stones like granite. Inside the pores the special sealing molecules bond permanently by chemical reactions, creating a substantial, deep oil and water-repelling barrier.


The deeper Dry-Treat barrier not only provides great surface stain protection, but also protection against more serious common types of damage caused by water ingress (penetration) including efflorescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling, and picture framing.

Beyond Stone Solutions provides sealing and protection services using the Dry-Treat™ range of sealers and enhancers on countertops, patios, entertaining areas, facades, cladding, pool surrounds and walls for natural stone, paving, bricks, tiles, engineered concrete and grout.