Stackstone Installation, Repair and Maintenance


Stackstone has many variables. It can be used inside or outside plus there is more than one way to install it. At beyond Stone Solutions, we are knowledgeable in all the options and we can use our expertise to install a new stackstone project or clean and restore an existing one. We install and restore stackstone in the Arizona areas.

What is Stackstone?

Stackstone is an old but simple concept: Different sized and shaped stones are fitted together to create a wall, building cladding, outdoor fireplace, or some other project. 

There are two basic installation techniques:

Dry Stone – No mortar is used to hold the project together. The installation relies on gravity to keep everything in place.

Wet Stone – This type of installation uses mortar to hold everything in place. 

Stackstone projects go back centuries. Roman aqueducts were constructed in stackstone.  

installing stackstone wall

Stackstone Installation

Installing stackstone requires expertise and an understanding of all the different installation techniques and material uses. Fortunately the stackstone installation team at Beyond Stone Solutions is well-equipped to get the job done.

Stackstone is an incredibly rugged yet eye-catching material. We know how to work with stackstone. We provide installation services for stackstone on patios, walkways, fireplace surrounds, fire pits, outdoor ovens, and virtually anywhere else you envision it. 

If you’re thinking about having new stackstone backsplash, walls, fireplace, or other surfaces installed, Beyond Stone Solutions provides precision installation services that noticeably demonstrate superior craftsmanship. We’ve been using the highest quality material for decades — for both interior and exterior applications. Our greatest concern is to wow our customers with our quality craftsmanship and a friendly, knowledgeable, and outstanding service experience.

Stackstone surfaces can create a distinct impression of style that warmly welcomes you, your family and your guests. They may also be among the very first things you or your guests notice. Their appearance, for good or ill, reflects on you. With our expert stackstone design and installation services, your stackstone surfaces can live up to your reputation and your expectations.

Cleaning and Repairing Stackstone

There’s no doubt that stackstone can make a dramatic statement. However, if it has suffered any damage or become soiled, it will lose some of its impact. The great news is that we can get your stackstone back to its former glory!

Stackstone is exposed to various elements that may cause discoloration or staining. Dirt and leaves are among them. Standing water can even trigger green algae growth, whereas moisture can give rise to mold. Harsh chemicals can cause discoloration, which could be harmful to the stone’s appearance.

At Beyond Stone Solutions we have the solution to all of these issues. Our technicians possess the expertise to perform the proper cleaning techniques that will give your stackstone a brand new look once again. We are committed to providing high-quality maintenance services to help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your stackstone for years to come. 


How Can We Help You

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