Cantera Repair and Maintenance

Beyond Stone Solutions’ professional floor and surface care and maintenance services for residential properties include expert interior and exterior cleaning and sanitizing, honing and polishing, repairs, sealing and protection, and more.

Cantera Refinishing

Cantera is a (relatively speaking) soft stone, which makes it ideal for decorative areas, such as fountains, door frames, range hoods, balustrades, fireplaces, pool copings and surrounds, tiles, columns and more. It can also be quite susceptible to scratching, scuffing and dulling, particularly in areas of high use. Nevertheless, it is a durable as well as beautiful stone and, like all natural stone, can almost always be restored, rather than needing to be replaced. At Beyond Stone Solutions, we have the knowledge and expertise to restore your Cantera surfaces to their original and arresting appearance, whether the finish you prefer is honed or highly polished. We can even change a polished finish to a honed one or honed to highly polished so your unique Cantera surfaces can remain in line with your changing needs or tastes.

Lippage Removal / Grinding

Are your Cantera tiles uneven, or the grout lines too deep to facilitate easy cleaning? Beyond Stone Solutions can create a flat, level surface using state-of-the art diamond grinding technology in a process called lippage removal. Once your surface is the level and shape desired, we will hone and polish your Cantera to the finish you desire.

Cantera Honing

Whether your Cantera surfaces have dull areas associated with wear patterns, scratches, or spots, or you simply wish to change them to a non-glossy finish, the expert technicians at Beyond Stone Solutions have you covered. With our Cantera honing services, we can virtually erase surface damage and achieve a honed or soft matte finish that is warm, inviting, and velvety smooth.

Cantera Polishing

Has the sparkling appearance of your polished Cantera surfaces become dulled from wear and tear? Did you start out with a warm matte finish, but now want to up the elegance factor with a highly polished one instead? Beyond Stone Solutions combines the appropriate diamonds, polishing powders, and techniques with years of expertise to restore or change your finish to the beautiful, glass-like polish you desire.

Sealing Cantera

The unique composition of Cantera enables it to absorb dampness and humidity without expansion, which makes it a natural choice for wet applications such as fountains, baths, pool surrounds and so on. However, it is exceptionally porous and easily absorbs spills, staining agents and other contaminants. Once your Cantera fountains, showers, tub or pool surrounds, walls, and other surfaces are restored, we highly recommend you have us seal them to enhance their stain resistance. While most stains can eventually be removed, this process can be time consuming, expensive and often frustrating. Sealing represents an inexpensive and practical way to protect your Cantera surfaces from stain damage.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing Cantera

Cleaning processes for Cantera vary based on the surface condition and type of dirt or oil being removed. We recommend periodic professional deep cleaning services, using pH neutral, highly-effective cleaning solutions designed specifically for natural stone. Beyond Stone Solutions’ deep-cleaning and other natural stone services can not only bring your Cantera surfaces to a like-new spotless state, but can also educate you on the proper day-to-day cleaning and care of your Cantera surfaces so they can look their best all the time.

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