Refinishing to Remove “Orange Peel” Effect

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Client : Homeowners in Phoenix, AZ
Info : Travertine floor honed, polished, and sealed

Unsightly Travertine Floor Finish

The finish of the travertine floor in this Phoenix home had what industry pros call the “orange peel” effect. The reflection of light hitting the surface at a certain angle resembled the texture of an orange. Refinishing results are not supposed to look like this.

How did this happen? Unfortunately, another company said they could polish and restore the floors. The homeowners, dissatisfied with the results, pointed out the odd-looking finish. The technicians told the homeowners that they had achieved the best results possible and that the orange peel texture was acceptable.

A Second Opinion About the Orange Peel Effect

When the homeowners contacted us, we explained that not every contractor who claims to understand natural stone refinishing has the expertise to achieve the desired finish. The other contractor likely used polishing compounds only, instead of traditional, step-by-step honing and polishing. Excessive or improper use of polishing compounds can produce dissatisfying results like orange peel. We assured the homeowners that our process is better and could deliver the results the homeowners wanted.

Our Travertine Refinishing Process

So, how do we refinish travertine? We always start by masking and protecting the surfaces surrounding our work area, just in case. We used diamond pads mounted on a floor machine to slowly and steadily remove surface damage. We polished with progressively finer grit diamond pads to restore the clarity and reflection to this travertine floor. Our final step was to apply an impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

Our clients were very happy with the results.

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