Professional Carpet Installation Services

Installing wall-to-wall carpeting, to the untrained eye, may seem like a relatively easy task. But there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration to avoid problems like bumps, wrinkles, exposed flooring, or frayed seams.

We are professional carpet installers who understand the nuances of carpet installation from the properties of the weave and the type of backing to proper tool selection and adhesive application. Our measurements are precise, our methods proven, and we deliver results that distinguish us as true craftsmen.

Watch out for less than reputable contractors and subcontractors.

Carpet installation companies are abundant, and many of them get their business from the big box store the rug was purchased from. It’s important to do your own homework when it comes to selecting a carpet installation company with years of experience, a strong reputation, and high standards. A little bit of research and a few phone calls may help you avoid the inconvenience of a botched installation or the expense of a reinstall.

When it comes to carpet installation, we are skilled professionals.

Carpet installation is more than a few tackless strips, some padding, a snip here and a tuck there. It is an art form. And fortunately for our customers, it is an art form our highly trained technicians have mastered. Armed with professional grade adhesives and the proper tools, such as knee-kickers and stretchers, we ensure your carpet installation is free of gaps. It lays beautifully smooth and flat, just like it is supposed to.

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